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    Marvel's recent cartoons.

    I've been watching a few of the Avengers related cartoons that have come out in recent years. For example I'm currently watching "Marvel's Avengers Assemble". Some of them are pretty decent. This one I'm only 3 episodes in and there's only two things that bother me. They added Falcon as an...
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    Voyager rewatch. Random thoughts.

    Figured I'd stop polluting the shoutbox with these. S1E7: Lie detectors, dogs, mind melds etc... Holy fuck, they solved the murder mystery with the fucking dog.
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    Best. Thread. Ever.
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    Credit where credit is due

    Despite all the issues, and the mind numbing customer service conversations, this is why I stay with my ISP. Combine this with the fact that they don't have any stupid data caps and their product is amazing despite their inept service.
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    Random TNG thoughts

    Not to infringe on Brikars reviews, I've been rewatching some episodes of TNG lately and had some random thoughts. Brothers - When Data came to, why didn't he force the issue of what happened to the ship? I understand that he didn't remember what he did, but he still knew there was a dying...
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    Awesome financial news for me!

    Well, my money woes are over it would seem. Just look at the email I received this morning! So long suckers! It's a tropical island for me! Greetings Sir, I am writing to solicit your assistance and co-operation to transfer some amount of money into your account overseas. Therefore, this...
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    Terra Nova - The temporal cold war comes to Jurassic Park

    So I had to watch this, if for no other reason than the fact that Spielberg is attached to a show about dinosaurs and humans from a dystopian world. It was all rather "meh" but there were some good points. The opening of the episode was a great moment. Zooming over the surface of the moon...
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    Daxie says hi

    My Hotmail password got hacked or whatever earlier last week, and something like 60 of my contacts got spam before I resolved the problem. Point being, Daxie was one of em and she replied. She still doesn't have a computer but she sends hugs and kisses to everyone. Thought you'd all like to...
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    I truly hate my ISP...

    So I get internet through Bell Aliant. Essentially a monopoly in the atlantic provinces. We have another major ISP (Rogers) but Aliant has the monopoly on phone service whereas Rogers is cable. So Aliant has a policy (that they deny vehemently) of lowering peoples internet speeds for as long...
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    So I signed up for in October. This isn't the traditional Netflix, it's an online streaming service. It's basically video on demand. For 7.99 per month I can watch unlimited streaming movies and tv shows from the online catalog. After getting a question from Brikar about the queue, I...
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    I've been watching the remaining episodes of Caprica lately that have managed to show up online. How ironic is it that after the show gets canceled I'm starting to actually get into it? Don't get me wrong, I'm not involved enough in it to lament the cancelation, but some of the storylines are...
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    Need some help

    I put this in the shoutbox but I thought I'd make a thread so nobody misses it. I'm trying to get my hands on a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue. None of the liquor stores in New Brunswick have it, nor do the stores in Nova Scotia. It's fairly expensive but I really like it. The only place...
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    Hello Apple Ipad. Goodbye Apple Ipad.

    So for a change it looks like Microsoft is gonna own Apple in the hardware field. LINK I wouldn't even call it the Ipad killer, as from the sounds of it, it's LEAGUES above the Ipad.
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    Your way right away, now with beer.

    Burger King takes a step into the nightclub business. What's next? Toys R' Us selling sex toys?
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    Megadeth - Endgame

    So I'm in the process of listening to the newest Megadeth album and so far.. it's awful. The music is good enough, but the lyrics are horrible. Mustaine even sounds like he's just phoning it in. There's not real angst where there should be, and it's entirely too literal. Every song sounds like...
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    Marvel rocks

    Say what you will about them in recent years, but this goes to show that Marvel still has some creativity left lol. Marvel comics FTW
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    Going away for a bit.

    I'm leaving for Halifax after work today. Probably won't be online until Xmas afternoon, and I'll be hammered then. So if I'm not back online before then, Happy Holidays to all of you. Drink lots, accomplish little and stay safe my friends.
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    2012 - Don't go see this movie

    I posted this on my Facebook in response to a comment about me not liking the movie and thought I'd share it here. While not a full on review or anything, I think it sums up nicely my feelings on this piece of crap. ******** "2012" was nothing more than a combination of the worst...
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    My new toy

    Bought it for a decent price last night, the frets on the high 3 strings around the base of the neck need some love, but other than that it sounds wicked. EDIT: I feel I should clarify that this isn't a picture of my actual guitar, but it looks exactly like this one. Same color and all.
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    Hey, but almost not...

    In Sams defense, he had no idea it was a daycare, he'd been told it was a swingers club.