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    Stupid CBC Contest Puts MIRAMICHI On The Map!!! Wow... finally something for Bean to brag about and not have it been made up! :P
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    Lost My Grandpa Last Night

    It was so sudden... God I love him. He was the first person to talk to me like a man, even before I was. I dunno what I'm gonna do without him.
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    Hi. I'm gay, yet this vagina looks familiar...

    Holy crap... Its been sooooooo long. I barely recognise the place. What the fuck is going on? Whats new? What did I miss? Hey is Cymro still gay?
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    Its my birthday!!

    Someone get drunk, someone get naked and someone shove cake in Cymro's face! :D
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    I'm back

    Sadly, yes I was. :cry: :greengun:xsorbit
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    Farscape: PKW Trailer!

    Most of you probably have already seen this, but damn!!! I can't wait, anyone have info on whether or not we'll see this in Canada anytime soon? I'd rather not have to download this!
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    Canadians Rule the Cast!

    Stargate: Atlantis - I think I like Atlantis better than the original SG:1 so far. Though this new incarnation has yet to grow. We'll see how well it grows. -Also, anyone else notice that 4 of the 5 main actors are Canadian? :)
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    Zero Hour... How I saw It...

    Greg Dean gets it...
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    Arik... Can we get this in the arcade?
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    Who Are All You New People?

    Actually... more importantly, how many of you are from that little shit town: Miramichi? I'm surprised you people even have internet access over there! Fuck, or even electricity for that matter! :D (Yes... I expect Beanie to swear at me and call me names & for Sirgets to faithfully defend...
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    Serenity! Firefly Movie Officially Greenlit!

    From Ain't It Cool News & Variety! AICN Report Kick ass! I can't wait now!
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    New Member Of The Astrobar!

    Everyone... meet NEO! Yep... I went and got a kitten...
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    Why? Why do I feel compelled to post something after coming home from the bar drunker than that damned Beaver? Its like I have no choice. Something I have to do. I can't just be happy that I got some girl's number. No........ I gotta post some dumb ass rambling shit before I eventually...
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    My Website

    I need some comments & crits about the design I'm working on for my new site. Take a look and let me know what you think. Also, if anyone can figure out why I get that extra gap below the random image, please tell me how to fix it! CyberStorm New Design
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    The REAL AstroBar Fight Club!

    After viewing Stag's post pitting him against the Beaver, I figured we should do this for fun with our Patrons and we're starting off with a couple of heavyweights. Gotta start this off with a bang! You pick the winner! LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!!! (BTW - the loser gets to pick the next 2...
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    Useless Trivia Time!

    Oh ya... the winner(s) gets a pair of my slightly used underwear, unwashed!
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    A Round Of Drinks On Me!

    Barkeep! Some tequila... and lots of it, STAT! I broke my baby toe playing soccer Wednesday night & she hurts like a bitch! *Cujo downs 3 shots in sucession*
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    Farscape Returns?!

    I got this from Dark Horizons today: Farscape (TV): The cancelled but highly acclaimed Sci-Fi Channel series which had its plug pulled earlier this year may be making a comeback. Last week an insider sent along this rumour: "Farscape is back in production - the series is to be wrapped up in 4-6...
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    "i Don't Know The Words To This!"

    BOO! LOL! :lol: :lol: Sorry... "patron that will remain nameless", I couldn't resist.
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    Problem Avatar Upload

    No no... that was just one I used to test with bitch! Don't make me hurt you.