14 Pin SCSI Connector manufacturers

Nov 11, 2019
Starte 14 Pin female Straight SCSI Connector for PCB is similar with 3M 10314 SCSI 14P servo Driver connector.This MDR 14 pin female scsi connector pin arrangement is in four rows. It is 14-pin pitch 1.27mm/0.05" Mini D Ribbon / MDR female connector, and used to make 14-pin 0.05" Mini D Ribbon/MDR Female Breakout Board or SCSI Terminal Module.
Product Parameters of Straight MDR 14 pin female Connector:
ItemStraight 14 pin female PCB SCSI Connector
Product typeSCSI cable and connector
No. Of Contact14 pin
Contact Type14 pin female scsi connector
OptionsLatch Bracket
PCB LayoutStandard
Contact FinishesGold Selective Plating
WarrantyTwo years
Technical Parameters of Straight MDR 14 pin female PCB conenctor:
Application of Straight 14 pin SCSI female Connector:
This connector can be used on SCSI Breakout Board or Terminal Module with 14-pin 0.05" Mini D Ribbon/MDR Female. It support Latch clip bracket and screw bracket. You can use a MDR 14 pin male to male cable to link with other devices.
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