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Nov 19, 2020
Activated alumina is used as a desiccant because of its good drying and adsorption capacity.
With its unique properties and advantages, the activated alumina ball produced by Wante can be widely used in various drying fields. The following are the adsorbable substances and advantages of our products:
鈪? Adsorbable substances
1. The operation of desiccant is to improve the heat resistance of desiccant by sintering the active components in the application process, and it will accelerate the chemical reaction of general substances in the industrial production.
2. Remove transformer oil:
(1) Acid substances occurring in the application of lubricating oil and refrigerant can be removed during the application.
(2) In the manufacture of chlorinated and fluorinated hydrocarbons, the removal of excess halides and water is necessary for non-corrosive commodities.
3. Under appropriate conditions:
(1) Pore diameter dispersion and external chemical conditions are conducive to adsorption of impurities in hydrocarbons.
(2) Activated alumina can adsorb the TBC inhibitor used in the production of rubber, PS, ABS, TPE, etc., to meet the requirements of commodities.

鈪? Embodiment of advantages
1. Because of its large surface, it is widely used in many industries, such as air, oxygen, nitrogen and other gases, smelting gas and petroleum cracking gas.
2. Usage:
It is a kind of desiccant used for deep drying of trace water. It has the characteristics such as no soft, no expansion and no pulverization when soaked in water in using medium.
3, is the use of high purity alumina scientific allocation, catalytic finishing, its adsorbability can do desiccant can also remove water harmful to human fluorine, can be used in drinking water and industrial equipment of deoxygenation, defluorination, arsenic removal, sewage decolorization, deodorization, etc.
4. It has good strength and abrasion resistance, and high net heat time of the single molecule adsorption layer, so it is very suitable for non-thermal regeneration equipment. If there are special production requirements, we can also make high-strength pellets with different ball diameters according to different process conditions.
Activated Alumina manufacturers