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Jan 1, 2010
Before we get in the middle of everything, with people swearing at me and the like, I wanted to introduce myself to the new people. I'm the dictatorial admin around here.

I installed the arcade a while back to provide amusement for the people here, and to give another reason for the various anonymous users to register and interact with the community.

Towards these ends, the need has arised to enact some rules about who can and who cannot access the arcade. There are only two rules.

1. You must have at least 25 posts to play the games.

2. You must continue to be an active member in the forums.

I've also decided to 'grandfather' the current members in, so the minimum post rule doesn't apply as long as you become an active forum member. Please PM me to let me know if you want to be an active forum member or not.

Before anyone asks me what constitutes being active on the forum, I can't actually tell you. But, I'll let you know if you get close.

I'm closing this thread because it's not a thread for discussion. If you want to comment on this, or make any comments about being able to access the arcade, please do so via the Private Message feature on the fourm.
Not open for further replies.