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Jan 1, 1970
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Honestly, besides one stick of SD ram a while back, I can't recall one piece of hardware I've ever owned that crapped out permanently. I've had some hard drive crashes, but the drive was always salvageable, but never anything that permanently wounded my system.


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Nov 30, 1999
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Not that bad really. The two hard drives, which apparently some other people have had identical issues with are both covered for 5 years (which means they're pretty confident about it), so I think that was just lightning striking twice.

The Graphics Card was just my fault, because I was backing up data onto some older drives and I had to unplug the graphics card's power cable to get to the IDE connector. Basically, I switched the power onto the system after swapping drives, but forgot to plug the graphics card in, so I did it while the power supply was live, and I heard a zap, when I turned it back on the graphics were all corrupted and shit, tested the nVidia card I got for free and that worked fine.

But yeah, I sent it back to the supplier and ommited the "my fault" part, the model's now been discontinued, so I get credit equal to the price I paid for it in December, which is now the price of a card with ATI's latest chip.

So by breaking my 3850 HD 256MB card, I have earned myself a 4850 512MB card. :D:D:D
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