Because You Demanded It!

Okay, we needed a new thread in here and I've finally brought my copies of the test stuff I was working on some months ago. Now I'm not sure if I'm going to go with this style or not. One the one hand, it'd be easier to render cityscapes, which was the primary point, and make it easier and consistent to do certain interiors....but the con is, how much is CGI? And how well does it mesh? I've tried playing around with some of the filters in Photoshop, but none really do anything for me, as they all seem to mesh about the same in terms of two different artstyles. So I figured on doing without the filters. I guess I'll wait for some reactions and comments here before doing anything more with it. After the big strip at Booze! where everything was hand drawn, I'm sittin' on the fence. At the least, I figure on building a 3D version of the city for reference, if nothing else.