China Infant High Chair


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Aug 22, 2019
Infant Chair High Chair Home Use is optimized for its own functions, with a more comfortable and more human body experience, while the comfortable seat can better balance the baby's healthy development and good eating habits.
Frame: Dining chair steel tube formed by the four and both sides of the elbow triangular structure, the vehicle thickness of 1.2MM, up to 150KG load, to prevent external impact caused by the front and rear rollover.
1. free installation
2. food grade for wealth plastic
3. PU imitation leather fabrics
4. Adjustable seat back,tray,seat height and footrest.
Purchase considerations
1.Infant Chair High Chair Home Use is equipped with a seat belt. The baby sitting in the dining chair can't control himself well, and it will move, so the seat belt is an indispensable part of ensuring the safety of the baby. So it can be said that the seat chair without seat belts should not be bought, and whether the seat belt is easy to put on or take off also requires the parents to actually operate before buying.
2. Whether the multi-function operation is simple. At the time of purchase to pay attention to check Infant Chair High Chair Home Use of these types of functions are convenient to operate, such as flat, mobile, plate removal if convenient. Also, be sure to check if the height adjustment is easy, stop at each height position, and then tap to see if it is stable.
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