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Nov 19, 2020
Auto-control Mirror Defogger Series: Bagen Energy Saving Mirror Defogger System (patent) is composed of Controller, Water Switch and Mirror Defogger.
Mirror Defogger
Water Switch
Advantages of Electricity Energy Saving Defogger System
1. 95% energy is saved.
2. Auto-Control Circuit
3. Easy Installation
4. Durable & reusable
Quantitative Comparison- Defogger without auto-control & Bagen Energy Saving Defogger System
Fictional Case Analysis锛欳ustomers schedule of staying in hotel room is from 18:00pm to 6:00am next morning.
Working Hour
Circuit without auto-control12 hours
Auto-control CircuitHalf of Hour
Rate of Electricity Consumption0.5 梅12 脳100%=4.16%
Energy Saving1 - 4.16%=95.84%
Remark: In summer, if customer takes cold water for shower, in common design, defogger works even there is no fog over mirror, but this won鈥檛 happen with this new energy saving defogger system.
Working Principle Diagram of Bagen Energy Saving Defogger SystemEnergy Saving Defogger System manufacturers