I have never understood the Mut 21 coins

Nov 17, 2020
These are the same men and women who pulled the NES Mini since"a Raspberry Pi is better." Most people just wanted a tiny box they could purchase at Target and be playing in five moments, not buy a board that you can only find on the Madden 21 coins internet, put the board together, put it in a case, install an OS, understand what an emulator is, install the emulators, know what ROMs are, locate the ROMs, download them while not committing AIDS to their computers, get a control that works, get it working... the quantity of knowledge assumed by the common consumer by people on here is just out of control, and even if the frequent person knows, they do not feel like messing with something when they may be playing at thirty minutes.

This capitalism material is really fun. We get exactly the same game every year only with a growing number of advertising and microtransactions. Talk about innovation!

It's amazing because if you don't like it, vote with your wallet!

The other one that does not exist because people aren't willing to buy it. They will put up with ads to receive their favourite players so advertisements are put in.Definitely won`t buy, no matter how decent the game looks and plays. A gambling simulator with undkippable advertising? No fckn way.

I have never understood the cheap Mut 21 coins point of encouraging some sports games every year. Complete price for nominal gameplay updates and an updated roster is a rip off.I adore sports. I enjoy playing sports matches. Watching sports. Playing irl. But you won't catch me dead playing any of these garbage franchises.