It's the end of the world!


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Jan 1, 2010
How are you celebrating?

It's going to rain here...and I'm getting a new bed delivered next week, so I'm making room for it in my bedroom, and making room for my old one in the spare room.

It'll be good to know that, when the world ends, I'll have lived the shit out of my life! No regrets!



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Nov 30, 1999
Shitsville, CF63
I'm amazed you missed the billboards, even in England.

I don't watch the news on TV, read any newspapers, or visit any news websites, so the only way I could have heard of this was through talking to people who do those things.

And I doubt there were billboards for it around me, and even if there were, I wouldn't have seen them because I'd have been driving and when I drive my main focus is on making sure there aren't any speed traps around me or checking if I'm clear to overtake the old person who's in front of me doing half the speed limit. I'm also occasionally distracted by the temptation to run over anyone I see who has a silly hat and is wearing brightly coloured sportswear.