Let's play the slowest drinking game ever!


Forgot to bring booze...
Sep 16, 2009
The bush, Canada
Alright,this place need some bar and drinking action! It's been too long. So, even if I can't actually drink until Jan 10th, let's play threeman! Besides, it's not like we'll get drunk playing the game online on a message board (That said, I promise to drink everything I owe as soon as I'm back down south)!

To play threeman, you need two dices. Pretty simple rules:
-We'll all roll one dye first. Lowest number is the threeman. First person to play is person to the right of the threeman (person after him in the posts)

-Play order will be post order (the first post by a patron in this thread). After one round, new players are added at the end. I'll draw something if it's confusing...

-You get a seven, person playing after you (7 to the left) drinks.

-You get an eleven, it's the person playing before you (11 to the right).

-You get a 3 on one of the dice, threeman drinks. If it's a 2 and a 1, it's a social, threeman drinks twice.

-You roll a double (two 1s, two 2s, two 3s, two 4s, two 5s, etc.), you can give the dice to one or two people. They'll have to drink what they respectively roll. If they roll a double (either a pleyr rolling both dice or two rolling a dye each) themselves, it comes back to you and it doubles the amount you drink. You roll a double, it goes back to them and it doubles again, and so on. Dice then go back to the person who rolled the original doubles. NOTE: Double threes don't make the threeman drink more, unless you add it as a rule (see next entry)

-You keep rolling the dice until you don't make someone drink. If you do it three times in a row, you can add a rule (anything goes, except murder, arson and jay-walking)

-When it's the threeman's turn, if he rolls a three on one of the dye (social doesn't count), he gives away the threeman to someone else. The person to the right of the new threeman rolls.
And so on...

Alright, you guys in? I'll roll first to see who is the three man. I've got a 4.

CURRENT ROSTER (I'll edit as we go)

1) Tup (rolled a 4)
2) Brik (I'll put him as a maybe)
3) Bean (rolled a 4)
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