Many guilds able to Gold wow classic

Nov 17, 2020
Back in the day there weren't many guilds able to Gold wow classic realistically attempt 4H. Most who murdered them went on to clear within a couple weeks, however they were also the bosses that motivated individuals to bother with planet fans. Surely everyone knew going in that they'd require some FrR preparation.

Gothik was a major DPS test that I am convinced we could brute force these days, so he won't even register as an overdue boss. Loatheb is a"did you draw shadow baskets every week" check with coordination requirements which shouldn't be too hard now.

Sapphiron is going to be real rough early on until we've had the time to deck out in frost withstand, and KT would fit in fairly well with contemporary fights.One pile of Greater Shadow Protection pots is 54G on my server right now. This will be hell to pay for following stage.

It is possible to practice for kt's difficulty spike by allowing a few little cthun eyes completely channel each tide. If you do exactly the cthun mechanisms well you will do fine on kt tho.It took us two weeks, we wiped a whole lot on Twin Emps because our warlocks didn't get enough shadow resist. After we fixed that we 1 shot them and like 2 shot Cthun. Visidus was 3 months due to the absorbs.

Yeah I hope my dad guild that obtained around position 60 kills (first week) on Twins/Cthun is great enough to Buy classic wow gold clear Naxx fast.It seems crazy to simply destroy C'thun when back in vanilla I hardly cleared MC by TBC release. The 2 guilds on my server looked like gods once they eventually downed him.

Up to now build up and today it's almost over.