Our film for the 48-hour Film Project on YouTube


Cymro's Bitch
Jan 1, 1970
The Nast 'Nati, Ohio
[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsOpIFk9HuQ"]Prong, our film.[/ame] We had exacty 48 hours to write, film, and edit. Every group, there were about 50 of them, drew genres from a hat. We drew horror. Every group had to use a specified prop, a fork; a given line, "What the hell is this?" and a given character, factory worker Len or Lynn Pellaton.

Our group, Killer Tofu Entertainment (soon to be a registered LLC, I believe), contained about 15 people, only three of whom appear in the film in any significant fashion. I believe I mentioned a few days ago that I helped write, kept an eye on continuity during filming, and wrote and recorded music with another guy, Charlie. It was a particularly grueling weekend, over the course of which I slept for only five or six hours from Friday morning to Sunday night. And it was almost all for naught. Rendering took a hellishly long time, and we were getting assfucked by the deadline. Thankfully, it took so long because our editor accidentally rendered it straight to her flash drive, which was an accepted media format per competition rules. Rob, our producer, and I literally sprinted to my car and drove far beyond the speed limit to ultimately turn it in about three or four minutes away from being DQ'ed.

Ultimately, we were pleased with our film, especially considering that, out of 15 people, only one of us, my girlfriend, had ever taken part in a 48-hour film project.

A side note, I'm responsible for writing and recording the music in the death scenes, and am briefly visible in the final scene. The rest of the music was written and recorded by Charlie on his keyboard; his music is far and away cooler than mine, despite the fact that his instrumentation was all fake.