Some more stuff from my corner of the Astroverse....

I love retro design, especially that seen on Star Trek. This is one of my all time fave creations and it seems like something that could've been on Star Trek, IMO.

The Astro Guide is an electronic book that is carried by members of the Repbulic's fleet, especially on planetary missions. It contains a wealth of information across a variety of subjects. In later days, after the fall of the Republic, several copies of these books would help keep civilization going.


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Jan 1, 1970
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The Astro Guide you have there is an excellent concept! I'm glad you copyrighted it. Everyone here should probably start doing the same with thier stuff too if they want to protect it. Excellent stuff coming out of the AV now. I'd hate to see any of these concepts with someone else's name attached.
Glad you like it, Des.

Here's a couple of more worlds...I've got one rendering now (been a couple of hours, the fucker better be done when I get home) that should be pretty spiff.

These two worlds are landscapes that I had lying around, done in Terragen sometime last year. I figured "fuck it, I might as well use them!"
So I did. While Terragen is more realistic, you can't create some of the fantastic worlds with it like you can in Bryce or Vue.

Anyhoo.....without further delay....Here's the first planet: Numani.