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(The Lensman makes his way to a side hall of the the back, just around the corne is one of several rooms. This one, however, has old boxes of varying age and wear stacked in front. Behind the box that's at eye level, he can just make out the outline of door. Moving the boxes reveals a door that's been dinged, dented and who's paint has been scraped mostly away by the constant coming and goings of boxes in times past.

Turning the knob is a chore, but The Lensman persists and....fails. The Lensman looks through the keyhole, and there beyond is nothing but the old dim stars of the Astrobar's resident pocket universe. A dusty old pocket universe long since forgotten by the patrons. The Lensman inspects the old pocket universe, and it's dusty and rickety, but still stable.

He wills a small table and chair into existence, sits in the chair then wills a bottle and glass into existence.

"Who's ready to create some reality?" He says raising his glass, kicking his feet up on the table.)

Takes a drink

(The door closes and a sign reads "Under Construction"......

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Aug 2, 2004
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Upon closing the door, Lensman discovers a strong odor of fermented urine, as if he were face-first in a litter box. The wafting ammonia burns his eyes and throat as if he were a young Hitler being accosted by mustard gas in the trenches of World War One.
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Upon closing the door, Lensman discovers a strong odor of fermented urine, as if he were face-first in a litter box. The wafting ammonia burns his eyes and throat as if he were a young Hitler being accosted by mustard gas in the trenches of World War One.
There's a clearing of smoke as the wispy memories of where he is returns J'A2M to the present from his drug induced hallucination of Hitler's Litter Box.

Alright, for those who've forgotten and those who don't know >ahem!< this is what the Astroverse is.......

The Astroverse.... | Report this post to moderator
By: The Lensman (Odo's file, contact, web site) @ 13:39:35 on Jun 13, 2002

(The Lensman walks in, grabs a beer, lights a cigar, buys round for house)

Well since I can't think of a song for Cymro's thread (except for posting the lyrics to Dash Riprocks "Smoke Some Pot") I've come up with an idea to throw out to you guys and girl. How about we create a shared sci-fi universe?

Now we don't neccesarily have to hammer everything out up front and I envision each person who wants to participate just being in their own little corner of the nacent Astroverse with the occasional conceptual crossover as well as the occasional character. Sort of like a comics universe.

There would have to be a basic framework established, probably voted on, just to get the ball rolling and to make sure we all agree on certain aspects, but other than that, you've got the freedom to do whatever.
Maybe have a new section of the website entitled "Astroverse" with the stories and artwork.

For example the absent and missed Starchild could tell us tales of his wanderings amongst the wilds of space. (And Starchild, I've toyed with trying to create the ship you meander about in, I wonder if you have any mental pictures of the thing or should I just create one?)

Or if someone wants to do a tech manual or an Encyclopedia Astroversica, that'd be cool too. I'd want to make everyone feel comfortable participating in way that they feel they can best contribute. Why limit ourselves? The imagination should be free to roam to the utmost limits of creation.

The AB updates are far enough that we should have a tale or two kicked out. They don't have to be epic, could just be a paragraph or two, but it'd be interesting, IMO, to see what we could come up with.

In addition, any new patron that wants to add to the creation, feel free. If we can get some more patrons this way...great!

Anyone interested?

(The Lensman plays some Melvins on the jukebox)

Remember, back in those days, the Astrobar had a large focus on creative works....that's how we ended up with our own website. Here's the rest of the thread from 2002:

STAR TREK BBS - Shore Leave Forum - The Astroverse....

While only a small handful of us ever did anything with the Astroverse, I think we expanded the shared universe concept when it became clear that we had wildly varying degrees of what we wanted to do. Deslok had in mind some sci-fi that he'd been working on, my own stuff was retro 50's flavored, etc, etc.

I think we ended up saying the AV was basically a galaxy, and we each had a large chunk of it to present however we wanted. So if you wanted to write stories...go for it. If you were more the artist type, then create images. Or you could do a tech manual, an encyclopedia, historical timeline or just maps of your space if you were better at doing those things.

Deslok being a writer wrote stories. I'm more of an artist so I created some images from various worlds in my corner of the Astroverse. I seem to remember writing a short story that had a brief crossover with a story Des was writing.

I really miss those days when we were a creative bunch who just wanted to show off our stuff. People always seemed enthused enough with the concept, but never really did much with it.

We've got some talented people here, so just think about your part of space in this old pocket universe and go wild with it!
Jun 13, 2006
*watches as reality fades around the Lensman, realizing that only the blood of a thousand Canadians can stabilize this reality forever*