Upcoming work....

Well I just testbedded a new art style for a strip for Booze! that's coming in a month or so. Originally I was going to say that my Astroverse stuff is on hold, but I realize that the strip's concept is incredibly similar to what I was doing with my AV stuff anyway.....so in a way you could see it as "Astro Republic: The Comic".

Stay tuned.....
LOL! Well, I've actually forgotten what was going through my head when I wrote that. The christmas comic that was at Booze! is something I've been developing over the last year, and in it's current form, it's still has some of that humour, but it's fair share of drama as well. The tests I was running, and will post a sample of if anyone's interested, had to do with building a city to use as backgrounds which meant that I would save time on trying to draw complex backgrounds, getting them to be consistent and the angles right. The retro feel of my Astroverse stuff is present here as well, so from a stylistic pov, it just made more sense to develop this and incorporate it or elements of it into the Astroverse.

Although, these days, I'd prolly go back to developing the original material I had for my AV stuff, since I have a much, much larger personal interest in my Sirius stuff. In essence, I'm more willing to let people do whatever they want with my AV stuff than the Sirius stuff because it's more personal in nature and I have quite a bit of it developed.