wholesale Screw Caps For Flat Tube

Nov 11, 2019
1.Product Introduction :
The PP oval sunscreen packing caps has 6sizes. Fit the tube for #40oval,#35oval,#30oval,#25oval. Screw cap for PP oval tube .
2.Product Parameter :
Item No.40-3335-3230-273001250125DC
Tube Caliber For#40oval#35oval#30oval#30oval#25oval#25oval
MaterialPP inner cap+PE plugPP inner cap+PE plugPP inner cap+PE plugPP inner cap+PE plugPP inner cap+PE plugPP inner cap+PE plug
TechnologyPlastic injection molding +electroplating colorPlastic injection molding +electroplating colorPlastic injection molding +electroplating colorPlastic injection molding +electroplating colorPlastic injection molding +electroplating colorPlastic injection molding +electroplating color
3.Product Details:
The product design is simple and integrated, reducing the process of manual operation and continuous and efficient production. The finished product has a simple appearance, smooth edges and no burrs, and can match all types of hose packaging. The gasket is provided inside to make the product packaging container have sufficient airtightness to ensure that the paste product does not leak and is not easy to seep out.
The capacity of diameter 25-40 tube packaging can be customized through changing tube length. Volume range from 30ml~200ml. (1.02oz~6.8oz)
As to the decoration of the cosmetic tube packaging, I.TA can make custom tube color and provide private printing or labeling on the tube body, cap color can also be customized or metalized.
Normally, the tube sealing part can be either tail sealing or foil temper sealing. Depends on where do you fill your formula into the tube packaging.
Polypropylene (polypropylene, PP for short) is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic. It has high impact resistance, strong mechanical properties, resistance to various organic solvents and acid-base corrosion. It has a wide range of applications in the industry and is one of the most commonly seen polymer materials. Australian coins are also made from polypropylene. PP avoids contact with strong oxidizing agents, chlorine, potassium permanganate. PP has high strength, large elongation, high initial modulus and excellent elasticity. Therefore, PP wear resistance is good. In addition, the wet strength of PP is basically equal to dry strength, so it is an ideal material for making fishing nets and cables.
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Packing and Shipping
1. How do you control the quality?
We will make samples before production,after sample confirmed,we will begin production.Doing 100% inspection during production;then do rando, inspection before packing;taking pictures after packing.
2. If any quality problem ,how can you solve it for us?
If any breakage or defect products weerfound,you must take photos from the original carton and send to us.All the claims must be presented within 7 working days after discharging the container.This date is subject to the arrival time of container.
We will advise you to shou us the problem in photos and certify the claim by third party,then we can accept the claim from the samples or pictures you present,finally we will completely compensate all your loss.
3. what is your return policy?
If we visually confirm and quality fault by us.we will ask you whether you prefer a part refund or additional replacement products.if your complaint is found to be justified,we will work with you to promptly resolve the issue.

wholesale Screw Caps For Flat Tube